Using Word Templates to save time and look GREAT!

Do you ever see a document and think, “Wow, I wish mine looked like that?”  The fonts, colours, images and lines all blend together to portray a professional first impression for the important information you want to share. More than likely, the person who created the document started with a Word template. In this newsletter […]

The Good Old Daze

Did you get a chance to see the scarecrow figures this year at the Good Old Daze? This was my girl. She is supposed to be a secretary from the 1950s. She is typing on an authentic Underwood Typewriter. In her typewriter are some history facts about the profession. Here are a few: •    Prior […]

Basic HTML for your Widgets

Although WordPress if very intuitive and user friendly (perfect for a beginner), there are still times when the average user may need to know a little HTML. When you create/edit a post or page you have a toolbar that helps you bold words, create links, add images, center text all with only a few simple […]

Organizing your Computer Files

I have a client who has a new laptop and during this week’s training session for Word she asked “How do I find a file if it doesn’t show in my ‘recent documents’ list?”  This was a great question and I was about to show her the search function when I realized that this was […]