Social Media this, Social Media that … have we heard this term enough yet?  Well, if you want to reach your customers in today’s day and age, it is a word that should be on the tip of your tongue.  It is a new way to connect with your customers and clients that you want to be sure to take advantage of.

Taking advantage of Social Media doesn’t just mean that you simply have pages on Facebook and Twitter and spam useless information or advertising at your customers several times a day.  Effective use of Social Media means you offer something of value to your customers.  If you are a current user of Facebook, you already know how fast you “unlike” a page that is constantly in your news feed giving you useless information.  You know how this feels so you don’t want to become “one of THOSE people”. It is important to offer information that is of significance to your clients.

It is also very important to be responsive.  When customers make a comment or ask questions through Social Media channels, it is important to make it a point to respond promptly.  Small businesses are often built by the success of their personal relationships.  Be sure to maintain good personal interaction with your customers.buzzcomputer

I know you are saying “This sounds great Julie but I don’t know where to start and I definitely don’t have the time”.  I understand that starting with Social Media and staying on top of it can be a challenge.  This is an area where I can be a support.  I can work with you to establish a Social Media strategy that best fits your business, implement it, and maintain it (I can even do your posts).

Don’t let the Social Media Buzzword be a Buzzkill. Embrace it and your business will grow!