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Sheila Daniel Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

"I can vouch for Julie! She managed a project virtually for a charity in London, Ontario and she put processes in place that streamlined the whole project.  Extremely organized and passionate! 

Nancy McNeil Forever Fit - Fitness for Life

You are the best Julie! Love your diversity, willingness to learn what you are not familiar with, quick response rate (especially when I'm in a panic) and patience to understand what I need/want. I'd be bald right now without you : ))) You are a keeper!  

Jenny de Vries Alma Health

Hey!  I love the Client Tracking form.  You truly outdid yourself.  You must be feeling good about it 🙂  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  WOW

Brenna Hayhoe Checked Off Lifestyle Management Services

They took the time to meet with me on numerous occasions and really went above and beyond! I would highly recommend that you get in touch with these fabulous people!!"

Anne-Marie Foreman Street Boutique - London Ontario

Newsletter looks awesome... just what I was looking for...I am so excited to get it out ...you have done a great job!  I Love that the video stays on the website...I thought we might be able to do that just wasn't sure ..you are the answer to all my MailChimp needs.