Do you ever see a document and think, “Wow, I wish mine looked like that?”  The fonts, colours, images and lines all blend together to portray a professional first impression for the important information you want to share. More than likely, the person who created the document started with a Word template. In this newsletter I will share with you how to start with a template so you can save time and look great too.

Templates are a collection of styles and formatting settings which can save you a ton of time when creating a new document. There are templates for almost any type of document, from flyers to meeting minutes, and labels to banners.

First:  Start a new document. Click on the File Button in Word and select New from the File menu. This will open the Template selection menu.  You will notice that the default selection is a blank document.

Next:  Browse the templates. Depending on your version of Word, the layout of this menu will vary. Somewhere on this screen, you will see a search templates bar. Use this to look for specific templates or categories.  Some sample terms you can use are: minutes, summer, poster, flyer, schedule, trees, card etc.3c60dac0-6601-4330-b1de-9cea6f693e32

Next: Open the template. Once you have found the template you want, click the Create/Download button. The template will be downloaded to your computer, provided you have an active internet connection. Once the template has downloaded, your new document will open with the template you chose.

Last: Replace the template information with your content. Once the template has loaded, you will be able to start editing it. Templates often come with prefilled text with instructions for what should go in them.  You can edit the template however you please, including changing the images, colors, fonts, style, and more. Any changes you make do not affect the original template. Be sure to save your work like you would a blank document.

Templates are a great way to get your creative juices working. Often times I get inspired by first browsing the templates and seeing something that catches my eye and then manipulate it to meet my needs.  Go now and give it a try … Have FUN!